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National Glaucoma Awareness Month

As we move into January, we wanted to take the time to inform you that the first month of the year is also National Glaucoma Awareness Month.  We felt that it is extremely important to be aware of glaucoma because of how it can negatively influence your vision.  When your vision becomes jeopardized, it can effect your driving.  It is never good to have vision problems while driving.  Since one form of glaucoma sets in slowly, you might not realize that something is happening to your vision.

Glaucoma is disease where the optic nerve becomes permanently damaged when there is an increase in the pressure of fluid within the eye.  This damage can slowly lead to the loss of field vision which will also progress to blindness.  This disease has been labeled the “silent thief of sight.”  As the pressure continues to exert itself on the optic nerve, vision is gradually decreased.  Decreased vision while driving may cause you to miss important traffic signs, which can lead to accidents that otherwise could have been prevented.

In honor of National Glaucoma Awareness Month, make a point to get your eyes checked.  A simple doctor appointment now is worth the trouble if it means keeping your sight.

Neighborhood Watch Signs

As hard as they may try, law enforcement officials can not be everywhere at once.  This can make protecting entire communities somewhat tricky given their limited manpower and resources.

One way that a community can assist in the extraordinary efforts of their law enforcement officials, would be to form a neighborhood watch.  The neighborhood watch is a group of citizens who make sure to keep vigilant for anything that seems suspicious within their community.  Whenever watch members see suspicious individuals or activities, they report it to the police department who will investigate further.  It is a collaborative effort to help keep a community secure while also giving the law enforcement officials additional sets of eyes.

Not only can a neighborhood watch keep a town safe from its observation, but it can also act as a deterrent.  Criminals won’t know who is on the watch and therefore may second guess their dubious crimes.  Even something as simple as a neighborhood watch sign can help reduce the number of criminal acts.

Talk to your community today about coming together to keep yourselves safe.

Holiday Parking Signs

Show Santa where to stop!We are very close to December 24th—the night where Santa Claus will board his sleigh and fly to the house of every little girl and boy to deliver them their Christmas gifts.  This is the night where Santa will come down the chimney, place presents under the tree, eat his cookies, then be on his way.

Over the years we have heard from various children that they are afraid that Santa will not come to visit them because they live in a home without a chimney.  We know that this can be very distressing to both the child and the parent who need to reassure their little one that Santa will still come.

In order to help put minds at rest, we wanted to give you a way to show Santa where he can park his sleigh while he delivers your presents.  In the event that you don’t have a chimney, Santa still needs to set down his sleigh.  With these Santa parking signs, from, Santa will be sure to stop by your house on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!

Protect Holiday Parking Lot Attendants

Since we are in the busiest shopping time of the year, we have to take into account how fast-paced parking lots can be.  Not only can distracted drivers pose a problem to other drivers, but you also have to remember to keep your eyes open for parking lot attendants.

Parking lot attendants brave the cold and dark of November and December in order to better assist customers.  They will move shopping carts back to the inside of the store, keep parking spaces clear, direct traffic, help customers carry large packages to their vehicles, and a variety of other tasks.  It is important to keep them safe during this hectic time of year.

Therefore, if you own a business where there are parking lot attendants, make sure to equip them with neon safety vests so that they will be visible in any type of condition.  It is important to keep your workers safe at all times, especially during the holiday shopping season.

National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month

As we move into December, we wanted to take the time to make you all aware that we will also be moving into National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.  This month, also known as 3D month, is a time to reflect upon your driving habits and to make sure that you and your community are doing everything possible to prevent injury and loss of life from impaired driving.

Did you know that every day, 36 people lose their lives and another 700 are injured because someone was driving impaired by alcohol or drugs?  Think of all the lives that can be saved if those drivers had the courtesy to simply know not to drive.

Drivers are not the only ones at risk.  Pedestrians are sometimes in even in more jeopardy, because they don’t have seat-belts or airbags to protect them.  You could post a million pedestrian crossing signs, but an impaired driver will more than likely not see a single one.

For more information on how impaired driving effects the country, and steps you can take to help yourself and your community, please read this article posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Strange Driving Laws: The Third

Now, we present to you, the third and final installment of  “Strange Driving Laws.”  We are sure that there are plenty more out there and when we find them, we will let you know.  But for right now, this is what we have to offer.

Don't get caught by these laws!

New York: In Sag Harbor, it is illegal for you to disrobe while you are in your car.  We advise making sure that your outfit meets with your approval before you actually leave the house.

North Carolina: In Dunn, it is illegal to drive your vehicle on the sidewalks.  It is also against the law to drive through a cemetery, unless the purpose of your visit it to dig a grave or bury someone.

Ohio:  It is illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown.

Oregon: You must yield to pedestrians while driving on the sidewalk.  If that is the case, then we think they should post pedestrian crossing signs on the sidewalks as well.  You can also get a ticket if you leave your car door open for a longer period of time than is needed, as so determined by law enforcement officials.  Lastly, if you are on a highway, it is a serious offense to use your car to showcase your physical endurance.

Rhode Island: (Scituate)  You are not allowed to drive if there is an alcoholic beverage in your vehicle—even if it is unopened.

If you are passing a car, according to the law you must alert the vehicle being passed with an “audible signal.”

South Carolina: In Hilton Head, it is illegal to store trash inside your car or truck.

“No Parking” Signs Help Control Your Parking Lot

Christmas is almost here!  Soon we will be unwrapping presents, enjoying time with friends and family, and all-in-all enjoying the culmination of the year.  This is also the time of year when people start to do the majority of their Christmas shopping.

As we get closer and closer to the actual day, shopping centers and other businesses will become jam-packed with people who are out seeking the perfect gift. Parking lots can become crazy as people are flying about on their holiday shopping spree.

If you want to prevent any potential parking lot or traffic headaches, you will want to consider having your parking lot posted with signs that clearly indicate what is and isn’t allowed. has a large number of signs that you can use to accomplish this goal.

One example is the No Parking Sign.  There are some places yous imply do no want cars to be parked.  With a sign such as this, you can give fair warning that legal ramifications may follow if people choose to disobey the sign.

Find many helpful signs for your parking lot at  Good luck this holiday season!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips From Our Friends at Blog4Safety – Texas America Safety

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we cover all manner of parking and driving safety tips for every season and situation. But we also know there’s more to living a safe and happy life than driving and parking with care. These are of great importance, for sure. But there’s a world of workplace safety to consider, and more general safety tips for keeping ourselves and our families well. Our friends at cover everything from head protection to respiratory safety, and do so in informative, easy-and-enjoyable-to-read blog posts. We hope you’ll check out their blog and find it as resourceful as we do, and we also hope you’ll enjoy the guest post they’ve authored below!


In less than a week, we Americans will celebrate a traditional holiday, Thanksgiving.  It’s a special time for families to gather and eat too much food, watch too much football, go back for more food, and remember the good times we had with family members that are no longer with us.

This holiday brings one of the busiest times of road and air travel of the year.  State Highway Patrols are warning drivers to buckle up, slow down, and drive with care.  From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, there are more traffic accidents than any other time.  If you plan to drive, leave a little early, and please don’t text and/or drink and drive.  These are simple instructions that we all should follow every day.  If you are flying, be sure to allow ample time to get to the airport, as security measures will be stepped up.  Many people are upset over some of the airline security procedures; however, if it keeps everyone safe in the sky, we should be able to endure it.

Cooking brings its’ own hazards.  Allow plenty of time to thaw the turkey, in order to be sure it is alright.  I waited until the last day, only to find that the turkey I bought was no good.  On Thanksgiving Eve, I called my neighbor, who happened to be my grocer, and he opened the store so I could get another one.  (I’d never be that lucky again.) Too many cooks in the kitchen can be harmful, rather than helpful. Try to have your meal organized and do some of the side dishes ahead of time, if possible.  It’s hard to try to coordinate a large meal and have everything ready at exactly the same time.  Caution should be used when frying the turkey.  Keep mitts, safety goggles or glasses, and a fire extinguisher handy.  Overheated oil can be very dangerous.  Also, do not let children get anywhere near the fryer.

Another thing to remember is not to consume food that has been left out too long.  I know we all used to eat the leftovers after they were out all afternoon, but it isn’t a good idea.  It’s not that difficult to set things in the refrigerator and then warm them up in the microwave.

We have much to be thankful for, and need to acknowledge that time spent with family is the best gift of all.  There are many who are less fortunate, and we should take the time to show kindness this season by helping serve food, donating to food pantries, and giving to an Angel Christmas Tree sponsored by banks and other organizations in our communities.

Last, be sure your children are buckled up in the car, buy them toys that are safe, and feed them some healthy foods during this season when we are all tempted to “overdo” it on candy and cookies.  Regardless of your plans, always keep safety in mind.  Try to take it a little slower, and not let yourself become too stressed.

Strange Driving Laws: Part Deux

Here is another rousing rendition of strange driving laws from around the country that could actually lead to you getting a ticket.  Remember, most of these ridiculous regulations are not posted on street or parking signs, so make sure to brush up on your local laws just to be safe.

Illinois: (Crete)  It is illegal to drive cars through town.

(Evanston)  It is illegal to change clothes in your car with the curtains drawn, expect in cases of fire.

(Park Ridge) The only location that you can legally park your truck is inside of a closed garage.

Iowa: (Indianola)  It is illegal to sell ice cream from a truck.

Kansas: (Derby)  Screeching your tires, along with other excessive and unwarranted automobile noises, can result in a penalty of 30 days in jail.

(Topeka)  It is considered illegal to transport dead poultry on Kansas Avenue.

Maryland: (Rockville)  It is a misdemeanor to swear from a vehicle.  However, there is no legislation against getting out of a vehicle to do so.

Minnesota: (Minnetonka)  You can be fined if your truck leaves mud, dirty, or any sticky substances on any roadway.

Missouri: (University City)  It is illegal to honk the horn of somebody else’s vehicle.

Next week, we will finish up with our zany driving laws.  Remember:  When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Parking and Driving Safe on Halloween

This Sunday is Halloween, which is a night were we must exorcise even more caution when driving.  Halloween is supposed to be a night of fun and entertainment.  There is nothing funny about an accident because a driver could not see a child running across the street in a dark costume.

When we are driving on a normal day and we see a children at play sign, we instinctively slow down and become more observant.

On the night of Halloween, we must drive like that continuously.  Children are out trick-or-treating, which means that they can forget about looking across the street as they cross.  This is especially true if they get spooked.  Also if they are wearing costumes that are dark, they may be even harder to see.

The bottom line is that you never know when a little ghoul or goblin may be on the road.  You need to be extra alert just in case something were to happen.  Remember that old adage:  “Be Safe; Be Seen, On Halloween.”