Parking and Driving Safe on Halloween

This Sunday is Halloween, which is a night were we must exorcise even more caution when driving.  Halloween is supposed to be a night of fun and entertainment.  There is nothing funny about an accident because a driver could not see a child running across the street in a dark costume.

When we are driving on a normal day and we see a children at play sign, we instinctively slow down and become more observant.

On the night of Halloween, we must drive like that continuously.  Children are out trick-or-treating, which means that they can forget about looking across the street as they cross.  This is especially true if they get spooked.  Also if they are wearing costumes that are dark, they may be even harder to see.

The bottom line is that you never know when a little ghoul or goblin may be on the road.  You need to be extra alert just in case something were to happen.  Remember that old adage:  “Be Safe; Be Seen, On Halloween.”


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